I started servicing, repairing and rebuilding bicycles from about the age of 10. Now, 50 years later I am still at it, still enjoying it and still learning about these fascinating machines.

The modern bicycle was conceived in the 1880s and its design has barely changed. Bicycles still have a frame, two wheels, a saddle, handlebars and usually brakes and gears. But every component has changed, sometimes almost beyond recognition.

In the 1990s the bicycle frame manufacturers introduced new materials like carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium. This gave them freedom to depart from the traditional steel frame designs. Since then, there has been an explosion of new and different components in a bewildering array of sizes, designs, quality and even colours. Gears, brakes, wheels, suspension, tyres - everything now has multiple possibilities.

The modern bicycle is a marvel of design and engineering. Let me help you keep your bike that way. Robert

Where the modern bicycle started - The Safety Bicycle, 1880s

The latest off-road downhill bike. Front and rear supension, relaxed frame angles for superb stability.

The Chinese Flying Pigeon - Over 75 million sold and by far the most popular bike in the world

A modern touring bike. Notice the more "relaxed" frame angles to make the bike more stable and comfortable over long journeys.

The latest racing machine. Stiff carbon aerodynamic frame, steep frame angles and a short wheelbase for quick responses.