Maintenance Lessons!

I also teach bicycle maintenance. If you want to know more about how to look after your prized possession, bring it along and we will base your tuition on your own machine. The syllabus is up to you, but my customers typically ask for lessons on safety, cleaning, lubrication and minor adjustments.


Does your bike need some tender loving care? Whether it needs a puncture repair, new tyres, gears adjusted, wheel repair, service or a full rebuild, I can probably help you.

I operate from a workshop just a couple of miles from the centre of Newent.

I will assess your bike for free, then agree with you how to proceed. I will always estimate the cost before carrying out thorough and high quality work. Don't just take my word for it; please see my Testimonials page!

Please get in touch now - details on the red banner at the top of the page. Thank you.

Robert Willis: Newent Bicycle Maintenance

A 1965 Moulton Deluxe which I renovated. I upgraded the Sturmey Archer FW 4 speed hub to accept two sprockets and a derailleur - now it is 8 speed. Modern, lighter rims, brakes, mudguards and handlebars.

Measuring the spoke thickness (gauge) before ordering replacements.

Another renovation. This is a 1950s Dan Genner track bike with a fixed wheel, which I upgraded for the road with contemporary components. Look at those beautifully slim steel frame tubes!

It's so easy to damage small bolts and nuts. Using a precision torque wrench gets it right first time.